My name is Samuel

a developer, 3D designer, hobbyist

About me


I started learning python in 2019, when I entered the SPy cup competition using a BBC Microbit. Since then, I expanded my knowledge and am a fully fledged Python beginner.

3D Design

I use Fusion360 for all 3D modeling. I also have a 3D printer on which I print some of my models for showcase. I also take orders for 3D printing, which you can make down below.

Game Development

I am a game developer since 2018 when I learned to use the Unity game engine. I developed some GameJam projects, some technical showcase demos, and many more small projects, some of which you can take a look at below.

game thumbnail

Blade - GMTK (2019)

This is my most recent game I published. It is a small project concieved in about 2 days with the addition of an awesome duo:
My friend Paľo Pánizs and my sister Simona Polakovičová